About GSF

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About GSF

Making Disciples, Impacting the World for Christ.

Good Shepherd’s Fold was established in 1994 as a home for orphaned and vulnerable children.  The original work has deepened over the years to impact entire families and communities. The current mission of Good Shepherd’s Fold is to holistically build thriving families through child care and advocacy, education and community development so that disciples are being made and communities are being transformed for Christ.

GSF is located about 12 miles outside of Jinja, Uganda in a small village called Buundo. Over 100 Ugandan and missionary staff daily work together to meet the needs of children in residence, students in our nursery and primary school and vulnerable families in surrounding communities. GSF desires to see transformed communities by serving these families specifically and by training others in churches, schools, organizations and communities around the District.

GSF’s corporate values are: Compassion, Excellence, Grace, Humility, Love, Prayer, Truth and Unity. We strive to integrate these values into all that we do at GSF.